Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you's and ???'s

First off, thank you to everyone that offered me a pick me up yesterday. I knew that I wasn't alone in parenting struggles, its just hard. We had a come-to-Jesus meeting last night and today was a little better. The little knuckle head is still my buddy.

As for my questions, I feel a little lost with the eating thing. Can you guys give me an idea of what your eating on a daily basis. I'm good about dinner, but I can't seem to figure out what to do for breakfast and lunch. Also, I'm having a really hard time getting my water in. Even with my kickass bottle! How do you do it? I tried telling myself that I can't eat until I finish the water, but then I chug it and feel sick. Not a good idea.



  1. For breakfast I might have a protein bar or a fiber bar. Sometimes I have popcorn (not the best choice). This week I had a little chicken salad for two mornings in a row. I figure who says its only for lunch or dinner? I eat my breakfast at work though. A lot of bandsters have greek yogurt.

    For lunch I usually have soup that I make and store in batches. Yesterday though I had refried beans, and today I am having about 1/2 a cup of spaghetti sauce (made with turkey and feta) and some green beans.

    With my water I just try to have a schedule. One bottle on my way to work. One before lunch. One after lunch. On before dinner, etc.

    Hope some of this helps!

  2. breakfast for me usually consists of Egg beaters (scrambled) with a slice of cheese and an English muffin (or just a half). On some days, I might have a bowl of high fiber cereal instead to help keep me regular.

    Lunch for me is something like homemade chicken salad amde with onions and green peppers, reduced fat mayo and with a small side of fruit like grapes or melon. Sometimes I may just have a chili or a Caesar Side salad from Wendy's. It usually depends on what I have scheduled for dinner that night. Today for lunch, I am having homemade beef/barley/veggie's more like a stew than a soup and very filling.

    As with water drinking, it does suck to have to be sure to drink it all, but it does make a difference. I keep a 32 ounce up at my desk at the office and I drink 2 of them during the day and one at home the rest of the night.

  3. For breakfast I will have a scrambled egg with 1 tbsp. chedder cheese or cottage cheese mixed with cinnamin and splenda or greek yogurt. Lunch i've become addicted to tuna, light mayo, onion and a tiny bit relish. I make it in my magic bullet and its so smoot and delish. I also love chicken salad for lunch but will have a greek yogurt if I am on the run.

  4. My breakfast foods are usually one of the following: Luna Bar, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, or Egg Salad.

    Lunch I like to do something like, peel & eat shrimp with cocktail sauce. (Super yummy, just buy the frozen kind and put in a baggie and by the time lunch rolls around it's thawed out). Chicken Salad, Tuna, Egg Salad. I usually have an individual size veggie thing too. They are with the frozen veggies and it's the perfect size to just heat up. I love that they are individual, real easy with work.

    Dinner is whatever. I try to get in a veggie with dinner too.

    I think it's hard to keep up the variety so you don't get bored with the same ol' meals.

  5. I typically do an iced coffee around 9, and then a protein bar at 11am (Luna or peanut butter zone bar). Today I had a mini-breakstones cottage cheese and a banana. For lunch (around 1pm) I have hummus and crackers, or greek yogurt or a small salad with chicken, cheese, chick peas. I typically have nuts or something if I'm going to work out. Then for dinner it's usually a cup of chili, or spaghetti sauce with meat, 1/2 burger with no bun. Hope this helps!! p.s. I think it's important to note that I have 7.4 in my band and couldn't have eaten this little when I wasn't restricted! Maybe go back to some of our earlier blogs (I had surgery Aug 7th), I know Amy had surgery in January of last year. It may be helpful to see what we were eating early on. Good luck!