Monday, April 19, 2010

So, I didn't make it to Zumba-I need some advice maybe TMI

This morning I woke up and I was pretty nauseous, feeling achy and such. Made it to work fine. Mid afternoon my right side started to hurt. When I breathe in-I need to know if anyone had felt like this before. Its really painful-My DH thought maybe I needed to go number 2. Oddly I've been going, but maybe its not enough? Also, I'm less than a month out from surgery and they told me that I should stay off my core and not carry things, but today at work I had to carry stuff in for Lab Week. (another post, its a week long celebration for laboratory professionals) and I think maybe I carried too much. But I was sore this morning.

So my question is should I take something or did I pull something?


  1. Personally I would take an advil and an exlax and cover all of my bases! That's just me though...

  2. Sounds like maybe a pulled abd. muscle, try some heat and 800 of motrin (with food of course)

  3. I think you're definitely doing too much and would slow down a bit. I know they are all different but my doc said no ab type exercises for six weeks. Zumba has a ton of twisting and turning, so I think it was good that you didn't go. Maybe relax a bit on the exercise, just do some walking. Take care of yourself, hope you're in less pain today Jenny!