Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm a dork

Okay, so after my meltdown and the wonderful comments from my ladies; I decided to look over my paperwork from the dr. And apparently I only had to be on clear liquid for the first day, after that I was allowed full liquid. Well, slap my a** and call me Sally. I was practically near tears because I wanted something to eat and all this time I could have had the creamy soup.

So this morning we took a trip to Wally world to get some Easter stuff for the kids, and I picked up some creamy soup. I was a bad patient and had one this morning for breakfast before I've had any protein shakes. But I'll have my shakes soon. It was more of a mental thing I think.

As for my incisions, the large one is still pretty swollen. Like a good scale whore I've been checking everyday and the scale hasn't moved. So I guess I'm still pretty swollen. I managed to get a bra on for the Wally world trip. But then I had to take it off when we got home. It was resting on one of the incisions. I wish I could do more. Yesterday I vaccummed which I guess was not my best idea because afterwards I felt craptastic. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Awe, it sounds like you are doing so good! You give me HOPE! :)

  2. Yay for creamy soup! Vacuuming? Blah. Actually looking forward to an excuse to make my husband do it.

  3. Hey! I just watched your VLOG. Cute. cute! We are so hard on ourselves... we really are. And, I agree about the Walmart isle hogs... I always try to courteously stay to the side so others can easily pass me... and am iritated by people who think they own the middle of the isle. Ugh.

  4. Yay for creamy soups!! Aren't they delicious?

    The bra thing really bothered me too...and I imagine after next week it is going to bother me even more. I had to go the sports bra route for awhile afterwards.