Friday, April 16, 2010

Official Weigh In Day #2

One of the things you will learn about me is that Math is not my strong suit. This morning on the way to work I thought I was down a pound, but when I did the actual math its only a 1/2lb. *&^%)#. I know that its at least in the right direction. I don't get my first fill until the 27th. I also know that I shouldn't just rely on my fills to get me through this. I need to have a little more self control. I'm .8 away from a 20lb loss.
On a positive note I walked my 8 miles for last week. So this week I'm going to up the goal to 10. Thanks to Amy W. I'm looking into a Zumba class in my area. I'm trying to rope a friend into going with me, I'm too chicken to go by myself.
I've been open about my surgery at work, but now that I'm back its kind of weird. People who I don't normally talk to are asking me about my weight loss-in the midst of a crowded room. People are asking to see my scars. I feel like a kid who just got new undies-pulling up my shirt all the time. Its just strange, I don't really love being the center of attention. I had a hard time at my wedding too. I'm weird, I know.


  1. Now I would never be able to show off my scars. I don't know if I even showed my hubby. No one at work knows about the band but they are a bunch of idiots anyway. Glad you are comfortable sharing. And remember a half pound will soon be a pound down. I think it was better when the scales didn't read decimals.

  2. Asking to see your scars? That is weird! Especially coming from co-workers!

    Take the 1/2lb lost and be proud of it! It's in the right direction. I gained a teeny bit before my first fill. It's hard work. You can do it!

  3. .8 will be gone in a flash! :0)

    and i'm not quite sure on how "open" i'm going to be about the surgery yet .. i wouldn't want to lift my shirt up to crazy peeps!

  4. Jenny - Your work experience sounds like a nightmare! I can't believe people would ask such personal questions. That is bizarre.

  5. No one has ever asked to see my scars...but I have shown a few people. You know they want to see and they don't really understand the port sometimes I just show them. Good for you for being open and honest. You never know how many people you will help that way. you will be surprised!

    I dont know how your Zumba class will be, but I have noticed that when class starts, no one even pays attention to other people! We are all so busy dying and trying to dance at the same time! hahahah

  6. You are doing great Jenny! No one has asked to see my scars but I have shown them to my hubs and children, thats it. As far as work goes....I haven't told ANYONE but if anyone ever asked to see my scars? Nah, I don't see that happening. I HATED when I was pregnant and a few times strangers touched my belly...CREEPY!