Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stella!!! Stella!!

I picked the PERFECT name for my band. Stella. That is what I wanted to shout today at the top of my freakin' lungs. However, people would have stared. As if they weren't already. The day just sorta went from bad to worse. I really wanted to go to the beach today. When we finally got there the sun was gone. GONE. Really?? The water was chilly, but not awful so we stayed and the kids were having a blast running in and out of the water. Then I had the bright idea "lets go have some lunch". And this my friends is when Stella decided to make her first appearance.

I took about 3 bites of my PB&J sandwhich and felt it. The burn. And it was intense. I couldn't even talk. Now I know that some people have trouble with bread, but I had been fine. Until today that is. So, I can't talk and I motiion to my sister that I'll be right back. There weren't any bathrooms where we were so I tried to walk as far as I could from the main beach to the parking lot and finally I reached a bench. And I started to PB. Mother Effer. This was my first time so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I definately knew what it was because it looked like slime. I thought it would pass, but I spent the next 45 minutes PBing into the ocean. Again, the lack of bathrooms was an issue. Oddly enough I could hear Stella's evil laugh in the background. In between fits, we managed to get to the car and get going. Of course about 10 minutes into the drive I PB'd all over myself. I thought I only had to cough. NOPE, again Stella was laughing at me.

Stella is not afraid of the limelight. Not only was all of this in public, but it was infront of my sisters boyfriend too. UGH. Talk about embarrassing. I'm ok now, but it was really annoying not to be able to stop. I'm going to have some soup for dinner and try to take it easy. While I was standing knee deep in the ocean coughing/sliming my brains out I really started to second guess this whole process. I'm glad I have the band, but I never expected these episodes to be so painful. Nice deterant.

Is there anyway to make a PB episode go away?


  1. Hello Stella, can you please tell your friend Taz to get his act together and help mama get the GD scale moving again!

  2. This won't help now but pick up a bottle of Papaya Enzyme at GNC or another store like it. You chew on 3 of them and it breaks up what is stuck. I haven't used them yet but they come recommended by others.

    I hope it passes soon...I've had mini PB's where it finally went down and I didn't have it come back up and that was uncomfortable enough!

  3. OMG... Stella and Eileen must be related! AND CLOSELY!!! I feel your pain! Been there and done that and it was NOT until my second fill that it happened for me!

    I have found that if I can manage to get a few sips of water down and even if I PB the water (Slime) back up the PB'ing seems to stop! And trust me... I had many many days at work (go back in my blog to the March posts and read if you haven't already) where I would get one bite down and have to leave the lunch area, full of ppl only to run to the bathroom and spend the rest of my lunch hour in there.

    Hang in there. I can't eat bread unless it is a Flat bread or really really toasted. I could eat sandwiches before my 2nd fill. NOT now. Some skins on things are bothersome to me now too. But as we learn to take the smaller bites, chew till it is literally nothing left, and then swallow what ever is there. May we Always be ever mindful that Stella, or in my case Eileen, will tell you what you have done wrong!

    Good Luck, and get some sun for me too please!!!

  4. Sorry you had to go through such a crappy epidose, but maybe you looked kind of romantic sliming into the ocean. :-)

  5. I now carry some ziplock bags in my purse in case I need something to spit in. So far I've been at my office or at home close the the bathroom. I think I'll try papaya enzyme as I've seen a few people mention it.

    Hope it gets better. I too was so shocked at PBing.

  6. You have inspired me to name my band...I can't believe I have gone over a year without naming her. I am sticking with "My Big Fat Greek" theme, and will christen my band "Toula."