Friday, June 25, 2010

My buzzed vlog


  1. Sucks ginormous donkey balls....LOL. Dude start shitting gumdrops. It's way easy. Ha! I'd stock it with post-its for sure..those are a must! You know - this new boss could totally have an open mind and want to make her own judgements AND she might not like your old boss's whole attitude about bitching about people who she's never met. The new boss could end up being a God-send. As much as it could get worse....think about this...there's an equal chance it could get better. And girl we ARE your best friends! Hang in there!

  2. That definitely sucks ginormous donkey balls. I can't believe your current boss would be so unprofessional. Draz is right: the new boss might want to make her own judgment because of how tacky your current boss was by gossiping about you. I hope the new boss comes in and totally appreciates you not being a kiss-ass. How people believe that's helpful is beyond me!

    I'm sorry you had to deal with the work drama and the stuff with your grandpa. If you ever want to chat about it, feel free to e-mail or Facebook me. My grandpa had to go into a home last August and I hate seeing him there. He's my only grandpa left and I can't believe how his health has declined. Grandparents (and parents) always seem invincible until they're not, I guess.

    And we are totally best friends!!! I love you and cannot wait to meet you in Chicago! :)

  3. Jenny! I want you to know that I went to my computer tonight just to check for your buzzed vlog...

    I'm sitting here thinking "wow, she's my younger, prettier twin", when my daughter says "mom, she's like your twin". I'm straight forward and not kiss ass either. Maybe it's an east coast thing. Dunno. But I do know I think you are wonderful, and I so wanted to give you a big hug at the end of your vlog.

    I think that chances are high that your new boss will consider the source if she is actually told the things your current (and might I add VERY negative) boss is saying about you. My husband recently had a boss just like that, and his new boss hired him just because he knew how his old boss was. My husband is a terrific assett to his company, but was almost completely convinced that he was worthless. I wish this time would go quickly for you. And I will also add that sometimes the very thing I thought I did not want, turns out to be the very thing that is best. Cliche, but everything always does work out. And your husband sounds fantastically supportive.

    You may have started a "ginormous donkey balls" movement. Geez, you should have patented the saying... you might never have had to work another day in your life. It's going to be big... I have a feeling about this one...

  4. Wow! Your old boss sounds like a douche! One thing I have learned in my life is that people like to make their own opinions when they come into a workplace. Unless this new boss is also a douche, I'm sure they will get to know you on their own and form their own opinion of you.

    Can they even do that; get rid of you because the new boss has someone else they want to come in with? That seems like a wrongful dismissal lawsuit waiting to happen.

    I love your idea about stocking the new boss' workspace! That is a fantastic idea! And there is nothing kiss-assy about a welcome note! I think that's a great idea too. Admittedly, I can be a little kiss assy in the work department, but it's always worked really well for me! Try it! Can't hurt, right? Wouldn't you like to get a little welcome note if you were starting a new job? I would!

    Chin up, slugger. And if it's that stressful, maybe put some feelers out for something's always easier to find a job when you have a job, and nobody needs that kind of stress. But I sincerely hope that this new boss will be a breath of fresh air and all your worries will be for nothing.

  5. We're going to start sounding like a broken record but I agree with what everyone else said...great minds DO think alike.
    Give your new boss a chance the way you expect her to give you a chance. Who might be a match made in heaven. And if it's not, then you start looking for an alternate opportunity.
    Sorry about your grandad...I'm saying a little prayer for his well being.
    Yes...we're your REAL firends, we love you, and we;ll see you in Chicago.
    Hang in their buttercup.

  6. Quick story. I was laid off (is it laid or layed?) while on maternity leave with my first child because my boss was let go and I was his admin. Luckily, I worked for a big company and was able to interview for another admin job. The woman that I ended up working for was anti-kids (remember, I was laid/layed off while on maternity leave for my FIRST child, so I was a freaking basketcase when I came back to work. New child, new boss - who wouldn't be a little crazed.) So, she literally made me cry at least 3 times the first month I was with her. But I kept plugging along and somewhere along the way I must have impressed her because she totally changed her attitude towards me and ended up being one of my best bosses ever. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it is totally possible that a bad situation could turn around and I'm so hoping that is what happens to you. If your new boss has any brains, she will wonder why in the heck your performance reviews don't reflect the things she was told about you. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. He'll be in my prayers. XOXO

  7. Jenny:
    I am really sorry, but I have to disagree with everyone above.
    I AM a boss and in fact, am starting at a new place on 7/12 myself.
    Don't fool yourself, get your resume together NOW and look for a new job at a new company NOW. You already know that the new boss has an admin in mind that she prefers-- so you are starting out with several strikes against you.
    I don't mean to be negative-- just real and giving you real advice.
    This is not a situation that will turn around easily.

    That said-- important note: you need to do your best to put your chin up and be helpful,lovely, consistent, and contributory to your current office situation until you find the next job.
    In my mind, your current bitchy boss gave you an important 'gift' of a head's up. She could have just stabbed you in the back and not told you anything... I hope this helps and I hate to be the bearer of 'bad' news.

    LOOK FOR A NEW JOB, NOW!!!! You will be much happier in the end for it-- and I know of what I speak.
    Keep us all posted and above all: stay professional on your current job while you remain there...

  8. I don't have any more words of wisdom to add... everyone else has given you wonderful advice. Sorry about your grandpa...

    Just wanted you to know I listened and I'm here for you!