Monday, June 14, 2010

A mixed bag of nuts

That would sum up how I feel today! Thanks so much for the comments about the job thing. I sent the office my resume and we will see what happens. Unfortunately I/we as a family have gotten quite accustom to my salary and it would be a big decrease in pay. Brian thinks that I should also give the new boss a shot-a point to which I do not disagree, I just don't really enjoy what I'm doing and haven't for a while. So we will see.

On the weight loss front, I'm pissed because I never saw 199 again! Hopefully I will this Friday! I need to stop rebelling and plan some meals. I'm not eating a lot thanks to the last fill, but I have to start focusing on my protein more. I'm starting to lose my hair which I know is a sure sign that I could be doing better!

Maddie's graduation was wonderful. I balled like a baby when we got there, but I was ok. Our family took up the whole pew (11 of us). Not to brag, but she sang every word to every song. Ok, I'm bragging! I was so happy to see that she did so well. There was a big crowd, but she had a HUGE cheering section. After the ceremony we went back to my grandmothers for a pool party/BBQ. The kids had a blast and that was exactly what I wanted. My mom, brothers and sisters left last night. This was a quick trip. It sucks when they leave. I know we can't all live next door to each other, and we fight like crazy but I miss them terribly when they go.

I know its cheesey, but this was an NSV for me and I have to share it. On Saturday we were taking the kids home and Brian said "If you're lucky, maybe you'll get some tonight". And I said "Oh, please when I get home, you'll be asleep" (I was going to the movies with my sisters and mom) Here's the NSV part, he goes "I don't know the way you looked in your bathing suit today with your cleavage I might jump you" . I know its tacky but he NEVER says stuff like that! So for him to say it was so sweet. I honestly think I blushed. 11 years together and I'm blushing.

I will update some pics later! Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. Aw! Comments from the Sig. Other are always great - especially when out of the blue.

  2. It's always nice to know the hubbies are noticing!

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Good for you girlfriend!

  4. How nice is that. I am glad your daughter did so well

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