Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy Mother of Pearl!

Ok, I do NOT know where to start. And honestly you will probably not think that these things are as big a deal as I do but I'm feeling stressed!! Today is a list day!

  • My company is being sold. This I knew, but they have asked my b*o*s*s* (using dinnerlands trick :) ) to take a step down. What does this mean for me? A new boss is probably less than a month. Yeah, it could be good or it could suck. I don't really feel that great about it. For more details than you care to know.
  • I weighed in at 199.4!!! What-what!! I am so excited, but not too excited since I can't really count it until tomorrow and knowing the scale gods it could all be in vain.
  • I have off tomorrow to prep for Maddie's graduation! So much to do but I am so excited. I cannot wait for her special day.
  • I went in for the ultrasound and they said they didn't see any cysts and they don't really know if they have found the problem. THANKS!! Any ways, I should hear from the dr. tomorrow on next steps.
  • My bariatric surgeons office has an open for administrative duties. So I called to see what they were considering and although they'd prefer someone with a medical background she said that it would be great to have someone in the office that has actually had the surgery! So I sent in my resume! I don't know what will come of it because right now the position is only part time, and financially it would be extrememly hard. Also there are no benefits part time. But they are in the middle of getting their Center of Excellence accredidation and then their volume would go up so they would need full time. Also I would be employed by the hospital and not the Dr. directly so I think they have pretty good benefits. All I know is I need to keep my options open.

What do you think of the changing jobs thing? I know that its hard to tell what this lady would be like but I'm really scared to be without a job.


  1. I would seriously consider the position at your medical office. How cool would that be!?! It might be worth it to be part time if you think it might eventually be full time.

  2. Changing jobs can be scary, but if you are potentially going to be unhappy with your current job and there is potential for a better job down the road with your surgeon, I would say give it a shot. Granted I am not privy to your finances and don't know how much of an economic impact this would be for you, but if you can afford it, consider if this would be something you would enjoy doing.

  3. I agree with Leslie & Stephanie. It would be so cool for their patients to have someone in the office "in the know".

  4. I think changing jobs is just as risky as your current one (for many of us) so it is all what you think will be better for you. Would part time be enough? Would you mind having your medical history known by all your co-workers? What if you decide you don't like the job - will you feel like you have to changes doctors?

    I have no answers of course, but I thought i would propose the questions. I know someone who works at his doctor's office and all the nurses know his medical details. Most of the time it doesn't bother him, but there are times where it is annoying. Sometimes he wishes he was working for the same company but a different location, but most of the time he loves his job.

  5. Oh good God - I hate decisions like this so seriously you know what I do? HOnest to God no lie I make a pro and con list and it usually makes the decision plainly obvious and on paper in hard copy. Try could work. And ask everyone to add to the list - they might see a pro or con that you didn't see or one that will affect them you forgot. Be well. Follow your heart too - that always works.

  6. Tough decision....but if there would be extra work at your surgeons office then how cool would that be??? And you could really make a difference to the people who come in there too. Let us know how you get on

  7. Finances would be key but aside from that, a job at the surgeons office could be a great possibility.

  8. Yeah for reaching Onederland! And about jobs. I am changing for the third time in two weeks. Started with one group and then was offered another position with a third group yesterday. Change is good.

  9. Jenny,

    You saw 199... CLAIM IT already!

    Working for your surgeons office sounds like a great job to me. And, their volume will only increase... that's something you can count on. Insurance companies are slowly but surely coming around, and who knows what reform will eventually do, and people are so willing to get bariatric surgery they are paying out of their own pockets. I think it's a great idea for you.

    Have fun with the graduation, proud momma! Post pics if you can?

  10. If they call you to interview then definitely go and see what they're offering. Unfortunately in this economic climate, finances dictate more than we'd like.
    I agree with Draz...this is crying out for a list of pros and cons.

  11. whatever day that 199 came, I was gonna own that! Congrats on reaching your first goal well ahead of schedule :)