Monday, March 15, 2010

Patiently waiting

Yeah, right. I'm dying right now! I wish they would call with the authorization already. I'm so impatient.

Food Review-I'm having greek yogurt for the first time. I think its a cross between sour cream for the texture and cottage cheese for the taste. Pretty good. This one has honey you can mix in. At 10grams of protien, this can become a staple.

PS, I'm loving my water bottle!


  1. I haven't tried Greek yogur yet. Have seen mixed reviews, so I'll definitely need to eventually test it out myself. A few people raved about the Yoplait yogurt - they have cinnamon roll, strawberry shortcake, apple pie, boston cream pie, etc. I've tried a couple and like them all. Hoping you get your auth soon.

  2. The greek yogurt was totally my post-surgery staple. I still have it once in a while but switched to the plain and add granola. I so feel for you on the insurance piece. I remember anxiously awaiting and thinking horrible things about not getting approved, and then it happened and everything was fine. I was so thrilled when I heard from the insurance lady!! Sending you good vibes and hopes for a quick phone call!

  3. Greek yogurt is great! I'll have to try honey sometime. Yum.
    I hope you hear something soon!

  4. I love greek yogurt too! I put splenda and vanilla or almond extract in the plain/ff and its delish. frozen fruit smooshed in is also very good.

    I hope you get your authorization soon!