Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The good the bad and the ugly

I'm going to start first with the ugly. I was eating my dinner (mind you it is my one real food meal for the day) and I went to stab my fork in my hamburger and it slid off my plate onto the dog and the dog ate it. Before I could even the say anything the F@#$%@G ate my freaking dinner. All I was left with was cauliflower. I hate that dog. I'm sorry to the animal lovers, but my dog and I have a love hate relationship. Right now its not good. So now I am sipping a cup of tea hoping this will help my hunger pains.

I went to the pre-op appointment. It was good. Long! Got all my stuff ready to go, I've lost 9lbs according to their scale so I was happy about that. They gave me a run down of future appointments.

  • Surgery 9am on Monday
  • First follow up on 4/8 (would have been 4/13 but dr. will be out of town)
  • 1st adjustment 4/27! 4 weeks out!! I'm excited about this. Maybe bandster hell won't be so bad.
Plus I get to start on soft food on 4/4!! Thank Goodness! There is an end in sight. The ugly is that I have to give myself injections of a blood thinner for about 5 days after surgery. Its not a big deal, but its new to me. So we will see how that goes.

So this weekend I'm going to go and get my stuff. What was helpful to you? They didn't really give me a list.

Thanks my beautiful bloggers!!


  1. LMAO-That was so funny, I have tears streaming down my face. The poor dog probably looked at you with a happy face and thought you were such a nice mum to share with him. Should I put in a call to the SPCA? We are pretty protective of our food, aren't we. Must be the sugar low!

    Guess to go to the hospital, take some slip on shoes and some stretch waist pants-I liked my flannel pj bottoms since your stomach will be swollen.

    Thanks for the laugh-I needed one!

  2. 9 lbs - that's great. I was surprised when I talked to my nurse about when I'd get my first fill and she said I could get it 4 weeks out. You must be getting so excited!

  3. Boooo to losing your dinner to the doggy!! And that's crazy that you have to give yourself some shots of blood thinner..ouchie..

  4. Oh - that dog! I would have fought him(her?) for it.
    Wow- Monday is surgery! I don't believe it.

  5. I would suggest a pillow to put under the seatbelt on the drive home. It will protect the incisions. Also I would suggest buying GasX, a pill crusher, chewable vitamins/calcium, and some liquid tylenol for when you don't need the prescription anymore, but need something. I also found little containers to be great. You can package foods up in 1c servings and it is great to help from over doing it. I found take and toss ones in the baby section :)

    On the food side: if you are on liquids for an extended time I would suggest some broth (to make soups), veggies to make soup (like cauliflower for a cauliflower soup - pureed of course) sugar free jello, skim milk for shakes if you make them, 100% fruit juice (dilute it or add a little to water to flavor it),crystal light (if you drink it), and sugar free popsicles. Also to help get in protien you can get powdered milk and add it in milky drinks or soups to give it another boost.

    If you go to mushies quickly on your plan you might want to get some cottage cheese, refried beans, yogurt, and maybe sweet potatoes to mash. I know other people do cream of wheat or grits, but I don't like those.

    I hope that helps. If you need any other suggestions let me know.

  6. Slip on shoes are crucial coming home from the hospital. I bent to tie my shoes and it was a big mistake.

    Those little individual crystal light packets really helped me to keep my water intake going after surgery.

    The bisque type soups really helped me, they felt more substantial then just broth.

  7. Ahh, poor doggie. Having to eat human food like that. What a miserable life.



    Our dogs hover under the table themselves with just such hopes. And once the food is falling...they are circling like hungry hyenas! And then they share whatever they get.



    First come...first serve.

    Sorry. Did the tea work? I've found it helps for that after dinner kick...but I haven't played around with does it work in place of dinner. That so sucks. I hope you made it through the evening just fine and I hope you are enjoying your fabulous morning shake.


    Are you outpatient or do you have to stay over night?

    I plan on taking a pillow (or three) for the car ride. Probably flip flops for the shoes...but that's all I ever wear anyway. And loose comfie don't care clothing. Oh yeah...and my hubby. :) If it's like any other day in my life, so long as he's there, I'll be fine.

    I know, gag, eh? Come on...we're still newlyweds!

  8. Yes....mashed sweet potatoes and mushed up baked beans or refried beans. I lived on that the first couple of weeks. Get lots of soup--in good flavors. You will be amazed how good everything tastes coming off the brutal preop diet. Grape juice tasted like the drink of the gods! MONDAY!!!! YEAY!!!