Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One more update for today

So I had to run downtown to the therapists office and sign a release form so they could fax a letter to the dr. All set. She should be sending it to the dr. tomorrow morning who will the fax the approval request to the insurance company! They say 2-3 days so at best maybe Friday???

AH! I'm so excited. I'm trying to be realistic and remember that I don't have approval yet. I'm really focused on the positive but every once in a while that evil voice gets in my head and says its not going to happen. It would be such a let down. I'm breathing my way through it.


  1. The evil voice is Drazil - LOL! Good luck.

  2. I found that the wait for approval drove me crazy! It was stressful. I hope you get your answer really soon!

  3. Try to stay busy with something else...might help take your mind off of it. Sending good approval vibes your way.

  4. Breath. Breath. It will be ok. I need to tell myself this, too!

    Dang insurance companies...