Monday, March 1, 2010

Needing some advice

Okay, so inorder to qualify for the surgery I had to gain some weight. And since gaining the weight I have let you all know how it has effected me in the not so positive way. Well, folks I have another and I need your advice.

On Saturday we had breakfast (fast food) I will interject here to say I was/am not making great food choices right now. And probably 3-4hrs later I went to the grocery store to do some shopping. When I got back I was starving. So this was 4-5hrs after having eaten breakfast. I got the shakes. This hasn't happend to me in a while. We had lunch. A tuna sandwich on rye and some doritos. I felt better initially, took the dog for a short walk-10 minutes if that. Then when I got back I felt really weak. I couldn't even pick up the kids because I didn't have the arm strength. If I really concentrated I could squeeze my hand so it wasn't bad, but I felt really tired. So I laid down for about an hour and felt a little better.

Now fast forward to today. Again had breakfast around 7 or so, and before my 11am meeting I started to feel really shaky again. So I grabbed a soda because if it was low blood sugar that shoud fix it (its a coke-my secret lover). But I still feel shaky. Should I go and get my blood checked? Sorry if this is cut up a little.


  1. I would definitely get your blood sugar checked. Often times, spiking sugar levels have the same symptoms as low sugar does.

  2. Yes, call your doctor and be sure to mention the weakness. That should be checked out. Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys! I was trying to wait it out, but it happened again today so I called. I have an apt. Friday morning. With my luck I launched myself into diabetes.