Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love my blogger friends!

I'm sorry that I've had such a piss poor attitude. I lucky for a lot of reasons, and I should remember that. I know that I'm doing this for a reason and that this is temporary. Its just hard to change overnight.

My DH is usually a great guy, I think he just doesn't want to see me unhappy. I survived last night and I'll survive the rest of the days too.

We're off to play mini golf with the kiddos. Thanks so much for the support and patience!


  1. Don't be sorry - that's what we are here for remember? You help us, we help you! Have fun today!

  2. What Drazil need to be sorry! We all have those days (weeks?). Better days are coming our way!

  3. ooh...the security code was Dior...I wonder if its telling me to go shopping for something to wear in Mexico?

  4. Hope you have fun playing mini golf. And thank YOU for support and patience. What goes around comes around and that's what is so great about this community.

  5. Hi Jenny! So excited for you!!!!!! You can do the pre-op thing, it sucks but it will be over soon. And then on to your smaller, healthier self!

    I definitely lost quite a bit in the first 6 weeks - enough to buy new clothes. For me, my stomach went down a ton in size right away.

    Exciting! You have made the best decision ever.

  6. Hang in there...pre-op is the WORST