Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 1 of the pre-op diet

Well, I haven't heard from the insurance company yet so this is really a good faith pre-op diet! lol. Oh, well. My doc said that I can eat one meal per day. Today I'm going to do lunch. I had the Atkins shake for breakfast, Lunch will be a peanut butter sandwhich on double fiber bread, a bananna and a greek yogurt. I want to eat a large lunch but still be healthy. I'm not going to force it down though, and I will eat for the 30 minutes. And then dinner is the shake. Yumm-oh! :P

And, my co-worker needs me to go to Publix today and pick up some ice for the office! So I need to go to the grocery store on the first day of liquids? Sure, why not!!

But enough griping. I forget who did this first, but I want to make a list of what I am thankful for today! I've bitched enough this last week!!

  • I'm thankful for my kids. They drive me crazy but I wouldn't be the same without them. They are healthy and I thank god for that.

  • I'm thankful for my husband. We have not always had the easiest of times, and although there have been times that I wondered if we would make I could not deny how much I was in love with him. Even after 10 years, my heart still skips a beat when he kisses me.

  • I'm thankful that I have a job with insurance that is allowing me the opportunity for this surgery. I know I'm frustrated right now, but I am lucky.

  • I'm thankful for these blogger buddies! I never thought that this blog would be such a source of comfort, hope and inspiration.

These are just a few, I hate to be mushy for too long!! And I'm sure I will be back to bitching in no time!


  1. Jenny - One of the things that Catherine recommended and I did was a pros and cons list before surgery. That and take your measurements. Not sure if you've done either yet, but the pro/con list is really great to go back to everyonce in a while to see how far we've come!! Go Day One!!

  2. Your list is lovely! I hope you have news soon!

  3. Great list. Good luck on the pre-op diet. One day at a time is the best you can do. I hope your insurance comes through soon!

  4. Good luck with the first day of liquids!!! Just make it thru the next couple days and it will get a little easier. You can do it!

  5. Vanessa at Dinnerland started the grateful list....yours is great too! Good luck with your diet!

  6. You'll do just fine with the liquids!