Sunday, March 21, 2010

The camera doesn't lie

I wanted to post my before pictures and measurements before I melt away! So far I'm down about 7lbs on the liquid thing. Makes it worth it!

Weight at Dr. office - 233
Weight right now (no clothes) - 224
Height - 5'3ish

Left Arm- 14 1/2 in
Right Arm - 14 1/2in

Neck - 15in
Right Calf - 18in
Left Calf - 18in

BOOBS-48 freaking inches

Hips - 54 1/2
Waiste - 46 1/2

Right Thigh 28in
Left Thigh 28in

And now for the reveal......

Good Lord. I hate pictures. The best thing about these pictures is I won't have to see them again. I never had really taken my measurements before and I found out that my thighs are the circumference of some peoples waists!!! This would have been the time I turned to ice cream, but of course I'm not. Bandland here I come!!


  1. 7lbs! :0) And it's only going to get better from here!!

  2. Yay for 7! And good job with the pics! It helps us to see the progress along the way and know that we aren't going back there again!

  3. You are super brave, and I commend you for posting all of your stats :) Can't wait to see all your amazing progress! Best of luck!!

  4. I regret not doing my measurements. Oh well.. Pss way to go on posting on posting your stats and you are right it will get better from here...

  5. Good job posting your stats and pics! Get ready to buy some new bras! I was amazed at how quickly the boobs go down. Exciting!

  6. I think I will do the same when my band date gets closer. Good luck to you, I'm jealous....

  7. Goodbye before pictures. Hello after pictures.

  8. Thanks guys! I wanted to post the pics but it was hard. I hate looking at how I let myself go, but I feel good knowing that it will get better. :)

  9. You'll look at the pics again. When you get to compare them to your after photos.

    Just found your blog and realized you are close to surgery. Good luck on the pre-op.

  10. You are lovely at any weight! See you on the other side.

  11. Thanks for the supportive remarks on my blog and good for you on the befores-- you will really appreciate them along the way!! And I agree wtih Amandakiska-- you look lovely now, you are just improving on an already pretty picture and making your insides healthier with this choice!!