Monday, February 8, 2010

Seriously?? Seriously??

So I received a phone call from the psych office that they couldn't see me tomorrow because they haven't received the paperwork and she is going to refer me to someone else. Ok, what paperwork? So I call the office back and get a girl who obviously has no clue how important this is. So I ask, what paperwork are you waiting on? She says she doesn't know. Ok, when is the paperwork supposed to come in? Again, I don't know. Ok, when can the dr. call me back? I don't know, well you're not coming in for your appointment tomorrow so how about then? REALLY, did she REALLY just say that to me????

I am very frustrated. I am going to call back tomorrow morning and find out what they heck is going on. And the woman they referred me to is not on my insurance. So thanks for helping.

I just had this vision of where I was supposed to be and how this would all go and now, instead of Italy I'm in Holland. (Dear Abby had a great article for this. It was pregnancy geared but I think it applies to life)

Needless to say I would like to now go and eat my feelings.

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  1. Things will all work out!! Keep your chin up. :-)