Friday, February 26, 2010

The numbers game

I'm a little irritated. I have to play the BMI number game because my weight is just short of the required 40BMI. I do understand why they have the cut off, but can you really tell me that at 5lbs less I'm so much healthier? Or at 5lbs less I'd be able to do this myself? I'm just frustrated because I have had to gain a little to qualify and I feel like crap. I've known this and been working on it. ha, ha. You would think that gaining the weight and having my last ha-rah (sp?)would be fun. But I'm freaking miserable. My female stuff is totally off, sorry for the TMI but I feel we are friends now. My clothes do NOT fit, I'm tired and just plan unhappy.

I know that this will pass, and unfortunately it is neccessary for me to get it through the insurance. And I know that I'm very lucky to have insurance that is willing to cover it. I'm just being McCrabby.

And there you have it. Do you still want to be my friend??? lol


  1. I'll still be your friend AND host the pity party! I'm just over with a BMI of 42.9 with 3 months left of my "supervised" diet. I'm aiming to hit 40 exactly! Let's be pitiful together...

  2. Been there done that...I wore everything I could so I'd have some leeway to lose a few pounds like they wanted. Just's the last time you'll see these numbers.

  3. Right there with ya, Sister. I can't go below a BMI of 40 because I don't have any comorbidities. If I was unhealthier, I could go as low as BMI of 35. I understand there needs to be guidelines, but I'm hoping someday soon there won't be all these hoops to jump through.

  4. Aw - just found your it. Would love it if you followed me too.

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to following you also on your journey!

    I'm kind of in the same boat but not really. I have a lower BMI, 33.7 and while I am a candidate for surgery, I am not a canditate for my insurance to cover it. They actaully told me to gain weight and then it would be covered! What?! That's just crazy! Anyway, I decided to go the self-pay route and I am going to Mexico for the surgery on Mar. 24. I have found a follow-up doc, here in FL so I am all set to go.

  6. I have to admit gaining weight would be really hard and I would hate that my clothes felt tight and everything you described. It's like you make this decision to get healthy and now get to feel crappy getting there. Have some high calorie crap for me though, cause I'm starving.