Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ha, Ha where is the hidden video crew?

My appointment is first thing in the morning and I have a half flat tire.

Half flat because the nail is keeping it from completely defating.

If this is a test for how badly I want this to work out-its not very funny.


  1. Oh geez Jenny! Can anything else go wrong? At least if you explode during the Psych visit you'll be able to have a good reason LOL! I'm thinking all the bad stuff is happening for you at the beginning, so the rest will be smooooooth sailing! ((hugs)) and just be honest tomorrow, it's easy peasy.

  2. Thanks! Honestly at this point I can't stop laughing. But its worth it in the end and thats what I'm focused on. Keep moving forward!!

  3. Too funny-- sometimes I feel the same way.. or I hear music playing like a soundtrack to what I'm doing.
    Totally too much reality TV on the brain.

  4. Hi! Just found your blog! I'm in preband land myself so welcome to the group! Figures about the tire. I had this kick when my kids were super little..every time I tried to go out with friends I got a flat tire. Figured it was God's way of telling me I was a bad mom. LOL. The streak ended though. Good luck at the psych eval!

  5. Hi, Jenny -

    I'm so glad to find a few blogs of people who are at the beginning of this journey. It's great that those who have entered Bandlandia before us have so many great ideas. And they are great to empathize with us going through the process, but who better to whine to then someone in your shoes. My insurance requres 6 months of nutritional counseling and I'm only at month 2. I'm hoping to be banded in August if everything goes smoothly. Please check out my blog if you get a chance.

  6. Jenny,
    Welcome to the journey of a lifetime. One of the hardest things in the beginning is dealing with drs offices, insurance companies, paperwork etc.
    Good Luck wiht the Psych appt and I look forward to following your journey

  7. Thanks so much everyone! I look forward to following all of you as well!