Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am going to try to do a VLOG tonight to share some of my customs hell experience. But I wanted to touch base. I knew that I should have been checking in while I was away because now I feel out of touch! I'm trying to catch up as best I can.

It was hard to be away from the kids, but the trip was great. I helped set up the registration table and check people in for the conference. We didn't venture very far from the hotel but it was right across from the falls so I had an awesome view. My mom and I walked over the the American side twice and walked through that park. We did the tourist thing and hit the Cave of the Winds. It allows you to get up next to the falls. We were a little too chicken to get up too close, but the water was so cold! And even though we weren't right up on it, you could feel the power of this water. It was incredible.

The hotel had historic photos. One of the photos included was of this woman, Annie Edson Taylor. She went over the falls at 63 years old! She survived with minor injuries. What would make a person do this? Cha-Ching! Thats right folks money. She thought she'd get famous. Unfortunately it did not pan out for Annie. But what a rockstar that at 63 she's barrelling over Niagara falls!

Okay. I'd better get to work. I will Vlog later gators!!


  1. If you go into the cemeteries in Niagara Falls, there are a LOT of people who went over the falls and didn't make it! Crazy to try!

    Dying to hear about your customs experience! It must have been American customs...not us Canadians! Although I had a horrible customs experience once coming back from a trip to Buffalo...they dismantled our car! It was pretty harrowing. And we had nothing! Like $100 in clothes...that was it! Not even any booze or anything. I hope it wasn't as bad as that!

  2. Lookin forward to the vlog! And I totally know what you mean about not keeping up while away and now feeling out of touch. I am just barely starting to feel like I'm back in the loop after being gone for a week and a half and now having a week and a half to work on catching up. Still not caught up - but up to date for the week, if that makes's been a fight, though.

  3. Cant wait to hear your vlog. It is so hard if you miss blogs for only a couple of days!!!