Monday, May 10, 2010

So much to update-

I think this is going to be a list one, because I have so much and not a lot of time!

  • Went to my sisters with the kiddos. After a long (2.5 hr) car trip we went to the beach. I was so dilligent about putting sunscreen on the kids that I forgot myself! I look like a tourist. I kept calling myself the Lobstah Lady. Mainly my back (who knew the sun would pass through a chair fabric). My poor son, his trunks must have sunk down from all the water play and he has a little red line above his tush.
  • Sunday we went shopping for my trip this week. I didn't want to buy a lot becuase I hope not to have much use for these sizes for too long. We went to Marshalls and Old Navy. I bought 3 an XL!! Shut your mouth! Yes, an XL. I can't honestly remember the last time I bought an XL and not an XXL top.
  • I'm getting nervous abou this trip. I haven't ever been away from my babies for this long before. But I'm also really excited. I'll get to see my mom. We didn't always get along so I really enjoy these moments as an adult.
  • I'm starting to think maybe I didn't have as much to tell.
  • Ok, for a salatious topic. I totally cannot get over how much more we are having sex. It is consistantly once a week. I know that that doesn't sound like a lot, but for us it is. We used to go months, I don't know if it was because of me or him. Probably both. But now that I've started losing weight its more consistant. Which the negative side of me ponders if he wasn't attracted to me before. The rational side of me says of course he was, its you thats changing. Well then the negative side of me gets scared and says CHANGE! I don't want to change just because I'm getting healthy. :( Then my other personality yells at us all to shut up. Sex is good. Consistant is good. Change is inevitable.

Love you's!!


  1. weekly lovin' is always a good thing. congrats to you. i went through a moment like that with my hubby also. before i lost weight the "homework" was very few and far between. now that i've lost weight it's much more often. i'm on this happy, horny boat ride with you my friend. lol

  2. Just want to weigh in on the sex thing. It's you...not him. Since I've had my children (and as result, gained MOST of my weight), I have had no, zero, zilch, nada by ways of sex drive. My husband just needs a time and a semi-private (ahem) place. LOL. This was actually very comforting to me hope!

  3. Glad you had a great time at the beach except for the burn! Enjoy your business trip and your mom!

  4. Oh wait until Band Babe reads this - her fave topic is sex! Way to go on getting more action - we'll go lingerie shopping in Chicago since you'll be doing it every day by then!

    And shut the front door! XL - rock on wit yo bad self!

  5. Cant wait, more sex, weeeheee, burning calories too.

  6. I'm glad the sex has become more regular. What a nice change!

  7. Luckily my sex drive has always been high, but it has definitely gotten better for me!! Alright for sex...I think that will be my blog topic tomorrow!!

  8. Ohh girrrrl I hear ya on the more lovin part!! I'm dealing with the same thing and I think my hubby thinks he got a new wife..

    Enjoy it ;))

  9. Manda Panda is right. You're having more sex now because of you--not your husband. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. Our husbands love us and love having sex with us. I believe that WE just like having sex now more than before because we feel better, and dare I say, sexier!