Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Has this happend to anyone?


Thanks guys, I had a girl at work look at it and she said it looks infected. Not awful, but the beginning of one. So my appoinment is at 2pm (they had to move me back) and I will let you guys know. Thanks!

I woke up this morning and had some blood on my shirt. I was pretty sure that it was coming from my port incision, but I couldn't see anything so I put a bandaid on it. Fast foward to now, it is definately the port incision. Its bled into the bandaid. I called the dr. and they can see me at 1pm but I'm really nervous. I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow morning. Please tell me this is normal.


  1. As a non-bander, I don't know what is normal, but my illiterate brain this morning thought you wrote there was "blood in your sh*t". And I thought, no, that doesn't sound normal.

    Back to Dr. Suess for me I guess.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I'm glad you are seeing your doctor today. I can't say if it is normal but your scar should be pretty well healed by now. Weren't you banded back in March? Are you having healing issues with the incision?

  3. ??? Did you have a fill recently? Mine only bleeds a teensy bit after a fill. My sisters bleeds alot after a fill.
    Keep us posted! I'm sure it will be OK though!

  4. Sending you good thoughts, Jenny.

    Keep us posted!

  5. I hope its ok...let us know how you make out!

  6. Hope everything works out for you. Marie is right it should be healed by now. I was abnded on 22nd March and everything has healed, even though the nurse said I took a bit longer than normal to heal. Hope they catch any infection quickly. Thinking of you Jenny x