Thursday, May 20, 2010

Detained for smuggling crackers?? Seriously??

So this is the infamous Customs story. Just got home from work so please ignore the lack of fresh make up! I notice that I blink a lot. hmmmmm....


  1. Don't let the crazy customs guy deter you from future international travel...I have traveled to over 35+ countries and never encountered such a crazy customs official. By the way, the new hair is looking fabulous!

  2. Your hair looks adorable! It is really too bad that guy was a jack ass. Hope your next trip through customs goes smoother!

  3. Great story...well, you know what I mean...great if your one of us reading it.
    Daughter's a cutie patutie.

  4. Love your hair.

    I agree with you, the customs guy was an ass****. Like he had something up his butt from the beginning! He must really hate his job. But don't let this horrible experience keep you from visiting other Countries in the future!!

    Your daughter is adorable, and isn't it funny that she didn't think twice about breaking in and going to the bathroom while you were taping the blog? Someday, if she sees this, she will be mortified!!!! LOL

  5. Love the new 'do!

    It sounds like the border patrol guy has a case of little wiener syndrome. Sorry you had to deal with that jerk!

  6. The Canadian customs is getting hard core lately. I had to fax a contract to them a few weeks ago because they detained one of my trainers.
    Why do people have to act like that?

    Your hair is cute.

  7. Oh how I laughed. I to have dealt with Canadian customs in 2002 and they were jerks then too. Hey might even have been the same guy lol. But I was super impressed with your restraint. Good girl.
    Love the hair and your daughter is adorable.
    Also love vlogs, must get one done soon. Its so nice to meet you.

  8. What a complete ass!!!! They all feel like they can do or say anything because they ahev "authority".

    By the way love your hair!!!

  9. Your daughter is so cute and I love her peeing...LOL. Mine owuld be the same. You look so different from your side bar the do and I can not believe what a power pussy that customs guys was...does it give him a hard on??? Seriously...