Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Always something!

Okay, so we are in day 5 of the new year and already its been exciting-not.

Since my company sold us to another company I had my first opportunity to use our new insurance. The experience was amazing. (Insert sarcasm) Now I realize that there are people worse off than me but I need to vent. Our new company has chosen a "consumer driven plan" which basicly means that I am now doing the job of the insurance company and still paying more. We now have a deductible of $2250 and then once thats met they only cover 80% so you are still paying out of pocket. So Maddies sick visit was $90! I would like to go back for an adjustment but thats going to be $150. It just stinks when we used to have co-pays of $20. And the prescriptions went up also. One of Brians meds is $95 per month because there is no generic and since he takes it every day they require that you purchase 3months at a time.

Okay enough complaining. I'm trying to catch up on the blogs but I'm having some trouble so I apologize for not commenting as much. I'm working on it because I know how much the comments mean to me. I'm trying to take the stairs at work once a day. We are on the third floor so its a little something. And I'm trying to bump my water. I ordered some of those True Lemon/Lime/Orange packets that we got on the BOOBS weekend for my waters. I feel like they are much better than crystal light because they don't have any chemicals but all the flavor.

I'm sorry this was so random, I've been interrupted 100 times!! Enjoy your day!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your insurance. We were always really lucky to have great insurance and now my husband's contract (he is a teacher) still hasn't been settled and insurance is one of the things they are targeting. It seems like times just keep getting tougher!

  2. Ahhh, insurance woes. I hate the insurance game. I'm lucky that my work has great insurance but I feel like I'm trapped at my job by the insurance which is not always a great feeling!

  3. Insurance... UGH.

    Hang in there -keep venting if you need to. It will get better.
    I love the True Lemon stuff. Did you know they make lemonaide? I want.

  4. I feel ya on the insurance pain. My company switched to something similar last year which has an insanely high deductible and OOP Max. But we also have an HSA so that I can start saving for medical in retirement. Oddly enough, I have found, I actually like this new plan. That HSA makes the difference, though.

    I love the comments, too. And like you, I'm trying to catch up, too. So I'm a bit quieter than usual, as well. It'll settle in, I keep promising myself that. Will someone let me know when I get there? :)

  5. Ah! That sucks! The state of insurance in this country is just rotten.

  6. Aww that bites! Insurance is horrible especially when they toy with it. Thank goodness you already have your band!

  7. Ugh! Insurance companys suck! Last January they stopped covering my fills and I didn't find out until June.. $250 a fill YUCK

  8. Insurance - mine changed this year too...must be the way an employer keeps their expenses down to still be able to offer to the employee. I have a $4800 deductible now. Last year was $250 and just like you a very small co-pay. Everything will be paid out of pocket until $4800 is met. That is insane! I have a nice bonus from my employer...they bonused me $5500 to cover the max out of pocket for insurance. That is a nice feeling.

    I haven't had my first fill yet...I was wondering how much money I'd be looking at. I guess I should have asked that before I started this little journey!