Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Can bite me.

So this is going to be a complete rant. Feel free to skip, I'm not offended.

  • I have not done sh*t since my last fill. One excuse after another. If I could kick my own butt I would.
  • My job is still stressful and I'm unsure how long the employment will last.
  • We are filing bankruptcy and letting the house go into foreclosure. This is complicated. I'm ok with it, but its still a lot of stress.
  • My grandfather is in the hospital. We are not sure how his health is going to go. He's older and at this point he is not living the life he wants. I've schedule a quick trip to NY to see them, but its a few weeks away and a lot can happen.
  • We are cleaning out the house in preparation for what may come. This is therapeutic.
Thanks for letting me rant. I need to get back to the blogs. I feel like an addict that won't go back to their support group because they're embarrassed/ashamed of falling off the wagon. Ugh, I am a complainer.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Always something!

Okay, so we are in day 5 of the new year and already its been exciting-not.

Since my company sold us to another company I had my first opportunity to use our new insurance. The experience was amazing. (Insert sarcasm) Now I realize that there are people worse off than me but I need to vent. Our new company has chosen a "consumer driven plan" which basicly means that I am now doing the job of the insurance company and still paying more. We now have a deductible of $2250 and then once thats met they only cover 80% so you are still paying out of pocket. So Maddies sick visit was $90! I would like to go back for an adjustment but thats going to be $150. It just stinks when we used to have co-pays of $20. And the prescriptions went up also. One of Brians meds is $95 per month because there is no generic and since he takes it every day they require that you purchase 3months at a time.

Okay enough complaining. I'm trying to catch up on the blogs but I'm having some trouble so I apologize for not commenting as much. I'm working on it because I know how much the comments mean to me. I'm trying to take the stairs at work once a day. We are on the third floor so its a little something. And I'm trying to bump my water. I ordered some of those True Lemon/Lime/Orange packets that we got on the BOOBS weekend for my waters. I feel like they are much better than crystal light because they don't have any chemicals but all the flavor.

I'm sorry this was so random, I've been interrupted 100 times!! Enjoy your day!