Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Can bite me.

So this is going to be a complete rant. Feel free to skip, I'm not offended.

  • I have not done sh*t since my last fill. One excuse after another. If I could kick my own butt I would.
  • My job is still stressful and I'm unsure how long the employment will last.
  • We are filing bankruptcy and letting the house go into foreclosure. This is complicated. I'm ok with it, but its still a lot of stress.
  • My grandfather is in the hospital. We are not sure how his health is going to go. He's older and at this point he is not living the life he wants. I've schedule a quick trip to NY to see them, but its a few weeks away and a lot can happen.
  • We are cleaning out the house in preparation for what may come. This is therapeutic.
Thanks for letting me rant. I need to get back to the blogs. I feel like an addict that won't go back to their support group because they're embarrassed/ashamed of falling off the wagon. Ugh, I am a complainer.