Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review of the first workout w/ sister

Overall it was good, she was not a complete exersise nazi so I was thankful for that. We walked about 2miles. I'm trying to keep a log for her of food and exersise. I say trying because I stink at writing down everything. I forget easily. Of course since I haven't worked out in what feels like forever I got a cramp in like the first 5seconds!

I've been drinking that Click protein shake in the morning instead of the ice coffee to get some nutrition and its ok. I think it tastes better hot than cold so I have to wait until I get to work to have it. I'm going to order the vanilla next. I've also been making it with FF milk to get a dairy in. I snuck in a weigh in today and it was 192! I can't count anything until tomorrow the official weigh in day-but Holy you-know-what. This is uncharted territory. I'm kind of excited to see those 180's. I really don't remember the 180's. I remember meeting my DH at 174. That was 11 yrs ago.

This post is scattered and mainly just to jot stuff down. Happy Thursday!


  1. When I see 192, you will hear screaming from Ohio and probably see a girl on the news doing a happy dance naked running down the highway. LOL!

    YOU GO GIRL! :)

  2. I hope you see that number tomorrow too! do you have a blackberry or iphone there are applications you can track what you eat

  3. Glad the workout went well! I have a very good friend who is a personal trainer and I am always a little scared when I work out with her. :)

    Congrats on the unofficial weight- that is awesome!

  4. Keep on going with exercising, Jenny. I saw 190 today.....I can't wait for the 180's. Little by little, it WILL come off!

  5. Glad the workout with your sister went well. I was a little worried. Congrats on entering unchartered weightloss. Very exciting.

  6. Hey sweetie, maybe try to track stuff. It's convient for you and easy to print and share with your sister! She can even access it if you make your page public and she is a friend on there. I love the site personally, free and a ton of resources AND easy to print out and share with MD's or trainers.

  7. I use myfitnesspal too. It's a good one -- and there is an android app too!

    I need to order some of that Click stuff!

  8. Oh yeah, the 180's are right around the corner. Especially with your own personal trainer. ;)

    Hopefully your stress level gets a little better soon.

    I still haven't tried the Click sample from Chicago. Everyone loves it... I should probably order some online.

    Have a great week Jen- and keep us posted on the workouts and food journaling with your sister...