Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quickie Vlog

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OMG it took forever to get this up!!!! Thats what she said...................


  1. I take Benefiber powder every morning. I sprinkle it in my first cup of coffee. It has no flavor at all. Mirilax will do the same thing. I don't go everyday, but I do go every couple of days. Maybe to start you off you could take 1 mild laxative and then take the powder everyday after that. It really does work. Can't wait to meet you in Chicago!

  2. I missed your bathroom vlogs (and you, of course)!

    I take Ducolax when I'm having trouble. I use the "natural" kind whatever that means...Just take 1 or 2...they say you can take 3 but unless you can run to the bathroom all day--don't do it!

  3. Love your vlog.
    Love your accent.
    Love how you say Gawdy.
    Love the hair.
    Love the earrings.
    Love the headband.
    Love the Necklace - I want one!
    Your boss is human - OMG - maybe if you show her the love, she'll show it to you in return.
    You are SO SO SO CUTE!
    Don't be nervous - I already LOVE you!

  4. Miralax, Miralax, Miralax! I think I have posted this on like eight peoples' blogs, but that stuff is seriously a miracle. I have frequent constipation issues, so if it gets to be a few days since I've gone, then out comes the Miralax. It usually works for me within twelve hours. A few of my coworkers have recently had colonoscopies and the prep for that is drinking a whole jug of Miralax -- so you know this stuff works! Good luck with the clean out! LOL!

    Oh yeah, and I better see those sweet earring in Chicago!

  5. Rambo walked in while I was listening to this and said: "Is she in her bathroom? She's not really taking a shit is she?"

    He's such an idiot.

    I just LOVE you - and have missed you sooo much! LOVE how you talk - and your accent.

    You're lucky I still love you - you know - after you said poo. LOL

  6. I'm a silver jewelry girl too. And you can totally pull off those "gawdy" earrings. :) As far as your poo issue - do you drink coffee or iced latte? That helpls me. I like your hair, but highlights will definitely cool it down, if you want. Lastly, don't even get me STARTED about mother-in-laws. My mother-in-law kept my husband up all night fighting with him the evening before our wedding - luckily he got through the ceremony and reception before passing out from exhaustion.

  7. Hey I have nominated you for a blog award! Thanks for being the person that you are.

  8. That's what you're mom said. ;) Anyway, I love your jewelery, I may have to go and shamelessly copy you (I promise not to bring to Chicago). You're hair looks really good on the VLOG, but highlights never hurt anyone. Oh, and Miralax works really well, and isn't harsh. It's a little expensive, but it mixes with any liquid you choose. What's with the hillbilly wedding???

  9. I'm a new follower!!! ;)

    I love this vlog!!!

  10. Jen! I love how you say gawdy!! :) You're too cute! Love the jewelery and head band!

    The boss sounds like a efftard! Hopefully things will get better soon!

    When I get my first paycheck I want to go shopping with you!

  11. Love the vlog! I think your hair looks perfect for you...but if you want more blonde (and I am all about more blonde), def. get more bleachy highlights.

    You look so great! Can't wait to meet you!

  12. Jennifer said it ALL... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this vlog! Wish I'd seen it before Chicago, & I'd have told you in person. I've been SOOO behind.
    With regards to the TMI... I'm sure you've got it all worked out now, but just for the record... FLAX seed. Seriously. Grind it up, sprinkle it on your cereal, put it in your smoothies (or protein shakes), add it to your baking, whatever! Flax seed is GOOD for you, & will keep you regular. Or you can add a bunch in a "pinch."
    Hope to see you & actually chat with you more at BOOBs 2011!
    Robin at Band on the Run